29 July, 2021

Last Ditch Efforts

Snapping ties with Sasikala fails to restore faith in Jayalalitha

Last Ditch Efforts

PEOPLE in the state vividly recall Jayalalitha Jayaram's screen role as a shrew in the film Suryakanti, made by Mukta Srinivasan (presently a TMC leader). Acting was the AIADMK supremo's first love, politics came later. So, when she dramatically announced her decision to snap all ties with her 'sister and friend' Sasikala on August 27, it generated much scepticism. It was seen by some as another demonstration of her inherent histrionic talents.

 However, theatrics notwithstanding, political compulsions and not acrimony between the two erstwhile powerful women of the state is the reason behind the announcement. For, the rebel AIADMK members had already garnered about 406 signatures from the 695-member AIADMK general council and the Jayalalitha-led faction had to postpone its general body meeting thrice within the span of three days.

 To retain the leadership of the party, Jayalalitha has now to secure the support of the general council meeting, slated to be held on September 12. This assumes even more significance as...

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