26 October, 2020

Last Acts Of Raj

Rajaratnam’s self-defence rests on pathetic lies, whining and racism

Last Acts Of Raj

Suketu Mehta’s interview with Raj Rajaratnam was trumpeted as an exclusive. But it is just Newsweek giving Rajaratnam, the disgraced founder of the Galleon group of hedge funds, a forum for some self-indulgent whining: I was betrayed; I was bullied; I did nothing that others don’t do.

Don’t believe a word of it.

Worse, the article is a racist attack on one of the most successful immigrant groups in the US. Mehta writes that “[Rajaratnam’s] whole story speaks to the South Asian-American community: its pursuit of success and money at any cost....” The statement is a grotesque generalisation that stigmatises an entire race of immigrants. One could as easily generalise about any group of people. Are there crooked businessmen? Of course. Are there backstabbing friends? Since the days of Julius Caesar. Is academia political? Probably more than any profession outside the Congress. That does not, however, make all businessmen thieves, all friends suspect or all academics...



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