23 June, 2021

Lankan Roulette

An array of presidential candidates and a divided minority...

Lankan Roulette

The Tamil Factor

  • The community constitutes 12 per cent of Sri Lanka’s population; its support could make a difference between winning and losing
  • A bigger factor this time round as the race between the two principal presidential candidates, Rajapaksa and Fonseka, is expected to be close
  • But the community is divided. One faction of the TNA has fielded its own candidate. Others are with Rajapaksa.
  • A divided vote could tilt the balance in Rajapaksa’s favour
  • Others feel support for either Rajapaksa or Fonseka is a betrayal of those who died for Eelam. They could boycott the polls.


Ironically, war has come to dominate Sri Lanka’s first peace-time presidential election in 26 years. The historic event—scheduled for January 26—has turned into a battle between two mascots of the war against the separatist Tamil Tigers. President Mahinda Rajapaksa is bidding for...

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