16 May, 2021

Land In A Soup

From here to demerger, the options

Land In A Soup

The Chakra Of Deceit

  1. VSNL sold by NDA government in 2002. Tatas given several favours.
  2. 773 acres of prime land held as surplus should have been demerged
  3. Tatas create several problems in the proposed separation of the land from VSNL
  4. Tata writes to Shourie suggesting land be given to VSNL after payment of a nominal price


The inability of the Arun Shourie-manned disinvestment ministry to demerge the 773.13 acres of surplus land from VSNL before its disinvestment landed the government in a complete mess. It owned a little over 51 per cent of the land and the rest belonged to a number of shareholders that included individuals, foreign institutional investors, banks and other corporate bodies. Now, caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, it has three options:

  • Try and demerge the land as originally envisaged into...
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