15 May, 2021

Lamp Atop The Power Tower

Governance is now a fascinating subject for youth

Avenues Ahead
Adrija Das and Sai Anurag Lakkaraju are LAMP Fellows
Lamp Atop The Power Tower

Windows to alternative car­eer have ceased to be frow­ned upon. Teenagers now are of course keen to pursue newer paths that suit their interests—however risky the plunge may be. But what’s refreshing is a gradual change in the mindset of parents. Those fathers and mothers who forced their children to follow certain beaten paths; they are becoming passe. Instead, they gladly give them a helping hand to pursue an alt­ernate career.

Today’s youth have varied interests, thanks also to exposure through social media. They are no longer bound by con­ventional career options such as engineering, medicine and law. One such area is quite intriguing, though. After four years of engineering or law, many want to understand a new subject: governance.

To some, it may be like a fascination for power, to know the government from close quarters or rub shoulders with powers-that-be. But that doesn’t capture the spirit of the studious ones who pursue the line as a career. That is, say, have a chance at making policies. For which, it is essential...

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