14 May, 2021

Laloo The Master, Osama The Clown

Paswan paraded him before. Now he's with Laloo. This Osama is a sad joke in the Bihar polls.

Laloo The Master, Osama The Clown
While campaigning for the second phase of polling was on in Bihar, a teenaged Muslim tea vendor was thrown out of a train by local policemen. The boy died in hospital. No one cared. Yet Bihar politicians have a great deal of time for a gentleman whose real name is Khalid Noor, but who prefers to be known as Osama because he believes he looks like the Al Qaeda chief. Ram Vilas Paswan had unleashed him during the February polls. But Osama has now decided to place his faith in Laloo Prasad Yadav.

What's remarkable is that Laloo, a patented secularist icon across the country, thought he might increase his credibility if he too paraded Osama. The lookalike accompanied Laloo to several meetings. But then the RJD chief's political rivals began to comment that surely a Sania Mirza or an Irfan Pathan were better role models for Muslims. What's more, senior Muslim leaders in the RJD were appalled and finally worked up the courage to inform Laloo that he did not need to depend on this rent-a-day Osama. So Laloo's faith in the fake appears to have faltered somewhat and the man's public...

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