27 July, 2021

Lal Salaam

Mohanlal’s no intellectual, just an ordinary man with extraordinary talent

Lal Salaam

Friends who knew him at Thiruvananthapuram’s MG College dismissed him as just another prankster and a young man with a penchant for humour. Mohanlal did not take any active interest in theatre or attend poetry recitals that were the rage in the city in the ‘70s. Recalls one collegemate: "There was nothing in him then to suggest that he had any acting talent. It came as a big surprise when we came to know he had hit big time in the movies."

Today he is not merely a commercial giant. Having bagged his fourth national award for best actor for his performance in Shaji Karun’s Vaanaprastham, Mohanlal has done as much as anybody else to keep the "good cinema" movement alive. This veteran of 250 films has also produced more films in Malayalam than the NFDC. "If you want good cinema, you have to make good cinema. I do not believe in blaming others for the decline in the production of good films. Whenever I see a good script or hear a good idea, I produce that film. It’s as simple as that," he says.

He never planned to be an...

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