10 April, 2021

Lahore Diary

If there was more people-to-people contact, Indo-Pak ties would surely improve.

Lahore Diary

Pre-Visa Pak

When the Partition riots broke out in Lahore, my father, Khushwant Singh, then a struggling lawyer based in the city, decided to send us—my mother, my two-year-old sister and me—to Delhi, where my grandfather resided. My father imagined, as did so many Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs in the subcontinent, that the trouble would soon blow over, and we could return to our home on upmarket Lawrence Road. Of course, it didn’t and we, along with about ten million others, became ‘refugees’. I only came back to Lahore half a century later, as part of a tennis team. But the most poignant memory of that trip was watching the one-day cricket tie between India and Pakistan at the Gaddafi Stadium (which India won). To my surprise, the Pakistani crowd cheered the Indian team and when Balaji bowled, chanted, ‘Balaji, zara dheere...

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