29 November, 2020

Lagdapati Rajgopal

This is my opportunity to go down in history as the Bill Gates of the pepper spray industry...

Illustration by Sorit
Lagdapati Rajgopal

Ahhchooo...ahchooo...ahchooo, where is that damn hankie? This is my opportunity to go down in history as the Bill Gates of the pepper spray industry but my sneezing does not stop. The Mallus think they dominate the  pepper spray market (anything to do with pepper) but we the proud sons of  Seemandhra have taught not only them a lesson but also the entire Indian nation. To use the pepper spray in the Tirumala temple was okay, I did this without fuss. But my pioneering effort in letting the spray do the talking in the Lok Sabha really let the cat among the pigeons. When a man’s life is in danger, why shouldn’t he use the spray to save it? Yes, my life was really in danger. I was surrounded by pro-Telangana ruffians and Telugu Desam MP Venugopala Reddy who brandished something that looked like a knife rushed towards them to rescue me. I was without weapons except the pepper spray. Like the mythical Arjuna and Krishna who used weapons like the Brahmastra only during moments of grave danger, I remembered the pepper spray and let it go! It was either me or the...



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