26 July, 2021

Labyrinth 18

The Ambani-Network 18 deal makes for a complex block diagram

Labyrinth 18

Analysts’ Questions

  • What is the nature of this deal, where Reliance pays to buy back (parts of) its own business, raising corporate governance issues?
  • Why was Reliance’s Rs 2,600 crore investment in ETV via JM Financial not a matter of record until a few months ago?
  • Why has TV18 valued its partial stake in ETV at Rs 2,100 crore, when it has revenues of Rs 525 crore?
  • Given the size, limitations and competition in the regional market, will ETV be able to deliver returns to TV18 shareholders?
  • Will the private deal between Reliance and TV18 eventually lead to Reliance becoming a co-promoter?


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