03 March, 2021

Laaton Ke Boots

Winter’s when they come out—hideous or haute

Reuters (From Outlook 19 January 2015)
Laaton Ke Boots

Puniya owns six pairs of boots and is planning to get yet another pair from the tony Khan Market in Delhi. Suman, on the other hand, is seeking out a bright pair of wellies from an array of candy- red Doc Martens and suede knee-length boots and fur-fringed UGGs on display at a small store in the staunchly middle-class Sarojini Nagar market of Delhi. Bollywood might be the inspiration, says Deepak, the shop-owner, but come winter and everyone in the northern states is getting into boots—laced, buckled, printed, mottled or cobbled, fur-lined, silk-lined whatever.

Winter wardrobes are as incomplete without them as summer ones are without flip-flops or sandals. The latest trend in boots, apparently, is to go for those that are knee-high. Perhaps the cue is from Olivia Palermo, one of those fam­ous-for-being-famous celebs from the US known for strutting about in knee-high boots of various kinds.

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