25 February, 2021

Kusumam J., 54

This social activist-professor knows a thing or two about organising a strike —via the phone

Kusumam J., 54

Which mobile phone do you have?

Nokia X2.

What do you mainly use it for?

To call my son Kannan, a college student. But 95 per cent of my calls are made to stay connected with social issues and the civil society movement. I am the state convenor of the National Alliance of People’s Movement.

How many calls do you make in a day?

If I am organising a seminar or a strike, I have to call people up personally because they prefer calls to e-mail or paper invites. On these occasions I make over a 100 calls in a day.

So it has helped your work?

My phone is my friend and it is an extension of my body.

Has it ever landed you in a soup?

When I give a quote on a certain issue and forget that they may be recording the conversation. That can create some tension.

Do you think it controls you?

I think it does sometimes. As a social activist, I get a continuous flow of calls. Every morning, I have...

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