05 August, 2021

Kung Fu Hustle (Cantonese)

Bill Murray calls it “the supreme achievement of the modern age in terms of comedy”

Kung Fu Hustle (Cantonese)
  • Director: Stephen Chow
  • Year: 2004
  • Cast: Stephen Chow, Huang Shengyi

The story goes that Hong Kong comedy film king Stephen Chow had an epiphany of sorts one day in the early 2000s. Why not make a martial arts movie? Okay, he had already made Shaolin Soccer, but that was mostly screwball comedy. So he decided to make a movie that “would be an ode to all the kung fu movies” he grew up watching. Which means we have a number of old-timer greats from the Hong Kong/Taiwan film industries doing walk-on parts, including Bruce Leung—the “third Dragon” of local folklore—as the Beast. The story is the classical set-up of bad guys (the Axe Gang) wanting to take over a shanty compound (Pig Sty Alley) in pre-revolutionary China. But unbeknownst to them, the compound is home to a number of retired Shaolin masters. To even the odds, the Beast is unleashed and thereon our hero (Chow) becomes the One to save the day. In...

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