14 June, 2021

Kshatriya CEO?

By some quirk of fate, we were born into a casteist society, but should we strive to pursue that or make a leap for modernity?

Kshatriya CEO?

The Chief Executive Officer of a postmodern tech firm is harking back to the accident of his birth and to a pyramidal hierarchy of oppression to reassure himself and his cronies that he will fight a good fight and crush a lowly whistleblower. Nobody likes a whistleblower. Be it Tej Bahadur Yadav who shot a video exposing the daal-less daal served by the Border Security Force for those standing guard at the border for 12 hours or the one who wrote a letter pointing out the absurdity of a 30-month severance package instead of a three-month payout. Every time someone whistles the song of a scam, the accused invokes the authority of power or Kshaatra balam, the beefy biceps. And poor Krishna takes the blame. After all, didn’t he endorse the wretched caste system when he told Arjuna, “chaturvarnyam maya srishtam.” Well, did he?

Depending on your belief system, you can argue whether he created the four varnas or not. But there, indeed, are teachers, warriors, traders and servants in real life and not just in mythology. And that has nothing to do with accidents...

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