23 April, 2021

Kodaikanal Diary

Illustration by Saahil
Kodaikanal Diary
Bison Street

Being chased by a bison in the wild does not make for a happy dream. Being chased by a bison in the middle of a busy street is rather ridiculous. But it was scary when it happened in Kodaikanal. He was beautiful, dark with white stockings, and like a bull who had been blown up to giant size, peacefully feeding on grass (?) behind a car when our bus passed him. The question being: who’s taking whose land? Have the weekend tourists from all over Tamil Nadu and Kerala and their vehicles squeezed out where the wild things are or have the wild things been sprinkled all over this American missionary town and beloved hill station? Hard to tell, which is why we were peppered with stories of bisons jumping eight feet and smashing cars to bits. The destruction of peace happened right then. I was busy trying to record the creature with my iPad when a car honked rudely and the beast turned around. As it advanced towards me, my mind froze at the elaborate...

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