02 August, 2021

Kochi Diary

How do you live in Mumbai? You should have time for friends, live very close to nature and have a good meal on the table...

Kochi Diary

That Curved Text

Closing in on Kochi, the pilot apologetically informs us that although we were intended to arrive ahead of schedule, our Indigo flight will now circle hawk-like in the skies for 25 minutes. A Jet flight due for take-off had burst a tire smack-bang in the middle of the runway. A few minutes later, the pilot’s apologies get more profuse. The trouble is bigger than previously believed and will take two hours to repair. Our flight is now to be diverted and an anxious passenger who can smell the possibility of a free meal asks the attendant dolefully, “We will at least get lunch, no?” But lunch is not on the menu and Bangalore airport is, upon which a passenger wittily remarks, “Isn’t the Goa airport closer?” The stewardess, a maestro at deflection, greets this comment too with a perfectly-formed, airline-academy smile signifying and...

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