12 April, 2021

Knot For Long?

Barely six months into her dream marriage with Imran Khan, speculation is rife whether golden girl Jemima will survive it

Knot For Long?

There was no quorum bell – the la-di-das of Lahore were in full attendance for the glittering ceremony. The pen-pushers and the paparazzi swelled the doting audience. The event: Pakistan’s folk-hero-gone-astray, Imran Khan, was launching his first book in Urdu, Ghairatmand Musalman (The Honourable Muslim).

But the cynosure of all eyes was not Imran, who preened himself on a raised platform, flanked by other solemn speakers; it was instead his wife Jemima Khan, who sat in the front row of seats, her head covered demurely with a dupatta which she tugged at uncomfortably every now and then to keep in place. Trying her best not to look bored.

With most speeches in Urdu, the golden girl found little to hold her interest through the three-hour ceremony. The moment it was over, she persuaded Imran to leave as soon as possible. And got her way.

Retracting an earlier promise to have tea with a group of admirers who had attended the function, Imran quickly disappeared after a few hurried whispers from his wife....

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