07 May, 2021

Knock-Off Nation?

When we support and gift success to mediocrity, we celebrate it, destroying what we are and also what we can be.

Knock-Off Nation?
illustration by Saurabh Singh Are we a nation of "knock-offs?" As I sat at the wondrous extravaganza walloped at us by Shiamak Davar (otherwise known as Schmuck. I promise you I was told this by a Mumbaiwala, did not make it up), there was little wondering left to do. It was a given. This was the hottest ticket in town. People had called, frantic for spare tickets. People who'd seen it couldn't stop gushing, "Goes to show what we can do in India!" I have nothing personally against Shiamak. Nothing personal, Shiamak, "it's just business" as characters in The Godfather constantly remind us. Shiamak may be a nice enough guy, though he does have a retro feel about him. Takes us back to the great music days of the '50s and '60s. And he certainly has an Elvis-ish style. I won't even address his pelvis. And, how would a psychologist interpret Shiamak, gyrating always through one item which has him on a pedestal with adoring fans yelling longingly for him? His beautiful principal dancer, with her 20/20 body, syncs...

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