20 October, 2020

K.J. Alphons

Delhis Demolition Man refuses to heed transfer orders, and denies hes a publicity hound

K.J. Alphons
You always manage to be in the limelight. How?
It's courage baby! Or, maybe people just go crazy over my good looks! (guffaws)

Aren't you always doing things to ensure media coverage—like inducting Sushmita Sen into Jana Shakti?
I don't court the media. I haven't had a drink with a journalist for the past 16 years. I got Sushmita in because she is a beautiful woman with a message. I spoke to her for a good ten hours before I let her become a member.

Is it right for a civil servant to resist a transfer?
Yes, if the transfer is wrong. I refuse to budge.

Who decides whether a transfer is right or wrong?
The Janta. A recent MODE poll in The Times of India said 89 per cent of the respondents thought I was doing good work.

Could it be that people respond to you because you publicise your work?
People in this country want to see integrity.

Yet, you have managed to build an image just by demolishing buildings?
Demolition can be exciting. In a country where few interesting...


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