18 June, 2021

Kiran Bedi

As special secretary to Delhis lieutenant- governor, the supercop is raring to go

Kiran Bedi
You were successful in disciplining the Delhi traffic when you were DCP . What are your plans now?
When I was the DCP Traffic, there was no coordination at the top. This time my position is different. The LG has announced the Traffic Monitoring Task Force so that it brings people together.

You are in line for promotion. Is this a mandatory promotion or a vindication of your work?
The promotion has been long overdue but didn't come through as there was stagnation in the Delhi cadre.

Controversy has a way of following you. Will it be different this time?
I don't know. I am just doing my job and offering my experience. I have never had a boss like Tejinder Khanna, the LG, who is so pragmatic in his thinking.

Now that Charles Sobhraj is soon to be set free, has he made any attempt to get in touch with you?
He's still in jail. In Tihar, if anyone was needy, they got back to me. But I have never had anyone asking for undue favours.

What is the status of the book he was writing on you?
That was...

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