13 June, 2021

King Of Hearts...

...could be another name for Madhuri Dixit’s elusive husband

King Of Hearts...

Madhuri Dixit’s piya has come home at last, thanks to Ramji. A surreptitious marriage with a man who proves more elusive and hard to find than the filmstar herself. A 33-year-old doctor who will finish his residency at the University of California in Los Angeles (ucla) in the year 2000.Meet vascular surgeon Shriram Madhav Nene. It certainly sounds filmi enough. To find a Maharashtrian Kokanastha Brahmin half-way across the world. She met him last June and he did not recognise her for the glamorous film actress that she is. He did not follow Bollywood back then.

Over the past few weeks news has slowly been filtering out, and every little bit is drawing attention: that the wedding was conducted in traditional Maharashtrian style on October 17 at her brother Ajit Dixit’s house in Aliso Viejo, southern California; that it was a small and well-guarded affair; that Nene was born in London; that his family moved to the US when he was seven and that he moved into medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. Yet, in the whole affair, privacy appears...

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