16 January, 2021

King For The Day

Factional leaders gun for the chief minister, but national poitics saves his crown-for the moment

King For The Day

DURING his first term as chief minister, Kalyan Singh began his day by holding a meeting with the senior ministers of his cabinet and top officials of the state where views were discussed openly and decisions taken. In other words, a perfectly consen-sual politician at a time when the BJP ran a state government on its own strength and did not need consensus. Now in a second term where the party has to depend on valuable outside support, is the chief minister losing that crucial touch?

In fact, one of the primary reasons why Kalyan could continue to hold office in Lucknow last week was because the prime minister himself looked in trouble in Delhi. So just when some irate BJP MLAs from UP demanding a change in leadership met Atal Behari Vajpayee at the height of the Jayalalitha crisis, they realised they had chosen a wrong moment. Sealing the fate of their demand, at least temporarily, the party leadership stated late on April 9 that no change was envisaged in UP.

The immediate cause for the revolt against Kalyan was his...



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