23 January, 2021

Kickstartup Once More

It's raining money for Indian start-ups as global VCs sign on for a stake in the next big idea

Kickstartup Once More
Welcome to the top events in the global VC calendar this summer. First off, Microsoft hosts the ‘India is Innovation’ gathering of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and analysts this week. And next month, Mumbai will be the venue for the seventh annual global CEO Summit, Intel Capital’s showpiece event to introduce the Indian firms it has financed to global CEOs and technology and marketing gurus. Both events mark the rise of a new trend in VC financing. To wit, global technology MNCs have turned part-VCs, investing in dozens of Indian start-ups for strategic reasons as well as for the money. In the process, India’s shining technology islands, like Bangalore and Pune, are witnessing inflows of billions of dollars from global tech majors keen to chase the next big tech idea.

Intel Capital, the VC arm of Intel Corporation, has picked up stakes in four firms via its $250 million India-dedicated fund. In June ’06, Siemens Venture will launch India operations and hopes to invest , 1-5 million each in dozens of start-ups. Others like Nokia, Microsoft, HP and Cisco are...



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