10 April, 2021


Now that Jaya TV has dropped me from ‘Jackpot’ after 400 episodes, what to do only?

Illustration by Sorit

May 14 was indeed a ‘histrionic’ day. Not only did I get a huge opportunity to make politically correct statements on the ‘betterment’ of women but I also joined the DMK. In fact, I was welcomed onboard  by none other than Kalaignar Karunanidhi. We later discussed Uncle Bun, my Malayalam film starring Mohanlal, while his daughter Kanimozhi (aka Kani) served tea and Tamizhburgers which had medu vada fillings and coconut chutney. As I polished off the meal, Kalaignar enquired about the peacock tattoo on my right shoulder. I told him that  bird symbolises pride and vanity. “Good! Good!” he said, adding as an afterthought: “Now that you have joined the DMK, you represent Tamizh pride...so why not Tamizh vanity?” The Kalaignar then went on to suggest that since my left shoulder was tattoo-free I should consider having the DMK symbol there—the rising sun. Incidentally, party general secretary K. Anbazhagan, who was also present, advised me to go to the Black Body Magic tattoo...

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