11 April, 2021


The Supreme Court dismisses cases against the actress for endorsing pre-marital sex


Were you confident about the SC victory?

Very much. I knew what I spoke. There is freedom of speech for everyone in this country and I expressed my views without fear. I never regretted what I said.

How did your family support you through the last four years?

My biggest support was my husband Sundar C. He stood by me like a rock and cheered me on. Of course, silent support came from both my daughters. They understood all was not well at home and let me travel to Delhi whenever I wanted to meet my lawyer.

Will you continue to talk on these issues?

I will talk about issues related to women’s empowerment, child abuse and inequalities.

Did you get support from the film industry?

A lot of people expressed their support personally. But Suhasini Maniratnam spoke up for me in the public arena. I thank them all.

You were in London when the verdict came.

I was holidaying with my family. The verdict...

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