11 April, 2021

Khanate Of Hearts

Enigma in a puzzle. That’s Salman. The reason why he rouses passion.

Khanate Of Hearts

I sign off my conversation with Shan Ghosh aka Junior Salman, a die-hard Salman Khan fan from Nagpur, with a ‘thank you’, only to be promptly told: “Don’t say thanks. Instead, help three people and tell them to help three others. The world will then change”. For non-worshippers of the star, this is not an original Junior Salman thought, but what idol Salman delivers in his recent film Jai Ho. That’s the extent to which Shan has unquestioningly internalised Bhai; he even talks in Bhai gems.

Shan took a bus from Nagpur to Pune and then a train to Mumbai just to stand outside the sessions court on May 6 to hear the verdict on the hit-and-run case. The five-year sentence came as a big blow, prompting him to lock himself in his Mumbai room. “Mood upset hai. I don’t feel like stepping out. I don’t feel like talking to anyone,” he tells us. Last heard, Shan had decided to extend his stay in Mumbai in the hope of seeing Bhai walk away with the bail on May 8. His reaction is quite the same as what one would...

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