11 May, 2021

Ken Follett

The best-selling author is in India to promote his latest thriller, Fall Of Giants

Ken Follett

What do you think of your fans in India?

Readers are basically the same all over. They’re all interested in love, hatred, battles, marriage, romance and making or losing money.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

History plays a vital role in my stories.

What must you do to engage readers?

The reader must react emotionally. His heart must beat faster, he must shed tears or be angry or scared about what’s going to happen to the hero. Only then it’s a great story.

Does the publisher dictate on what sells?

No publisher has ever told me what to write. I make intellectual property and license it. It’s always me thinking and writing what I choose.

Any favourites among your novels?

Eye of the Needle is my favourite. I’m amazed how I could write it at 27. Also, Pillars of the Earth since many didn’t want me to write it and even said it would be...

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