14 May, 2021

Kejriwal 2.0

Can AK 2.0 make an impact after disastrous defeat in MCD polls?

Kejriwal 2.0

The Aam Admi Party was much more than a political outfit. It promised a new dawn in our democracy, a bend in the potholed road of our failures that would suddenly take us to Utopia. We thought Arvind Kejriwal would surprise us election after election, winning 67 out of 70 seats, grabbing over 50% of hearts and minds. But, after a series of debacles in the Punjab and Goa ass­embly polls and now in the Delhi municipal corporation elections, it seems there was never a bend in the road, nor a new dawn and definitely no Utopia. Why?

Primarily, the big mistake was to assume that Arvind Kejriwal won 54% votes in Delhi. No, the people of the city-state were lavishing those votes on themselves, on a dream of change. Each vote was a ticket to watch the movie trailer of change—produced, directed and starred by Kejriwal. Sure, he did bring about reforms, most importantly in power tariffs and then in water supply and in schools for the children of the poor. But this was small change in comparison to the promise, the humungous dream that Delhi dreamt. Fake deg­rees, sleaze...

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