14 May, 2021


Originally made in Bangla as Noukadoobi, it has now been dubbed in Hindi. I would have preferred to see it with sub-titles.


Starring: Raima Sen, Riya Sen, Dhritimaan Chatterjee, Jishu Sengupta, Prosenjit
Directed by Rituparno Ghosh
Rating: ***

Based on the Tagore novel Noukadubi, Kashmakash is a love story where fate, circumstances and coincidences play havoc with human lives. Whose lives might get aligned, how relationships may change over time—the spare and tender film deals with this and more. Kashmakash is the Hindi dubbing of the Bangla, Noukadubi.

Law student Ramesh (Jishu)’s romance with Hemnalini (Raima) gets nipped in the bud when his father orders him to marry the young widow, Susheela. He protests, but has to give in eventually. Things take a turn when the boat on which the couple travels home after the wedding capsizes in a storm and thereon, the relationships get more...

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