01 August, 2021

Kashi Diary

"The all-pervasive spirituality of Kashi simply takes you over…like you are being enveloped by something greater."

Kashi Diary
Ganga Kinaare Wala

No, I’m not yet old enough to be contemplating a retired life filled with pilgrimages! Kashi comes to me, or rather I go to Kashi, as part of work…bless you and thank you for asking. It’s the title of one of my upcoming movies, and I’m playing the eponymous character. It’s but natural that we are shooting extensively in and around Varanasi. It’s also natural that I have fallen headlong in love…with the place, of course. It happens when you spend a lot of time with someone, or someplace. And Kashi, this town by the river, isn’t just any place. All those images, the stories, all that you’ve heard about the aarti on the ghats, that fabled sense of something being forever, transcendent…even the tug of all that put together doesn’t describe what you actually feel when you’re right there next to the Ganga. The all-pervasive spirituality of the place simply takes you...

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