22 June, 2021

Karunanidhi: Episodes From The Script

The Dravidian veteran’s influence on Tamil society and politics was unique. He practised realpolitik, masterminded reforms, stayed on course during adversity and played patriarch.

Karunanidhi: Episodes From The Script
  • 13 times an MLA since 1957
  • Never lost an election
  • 50 years president of DMK
  • 5 times chief minister
  • Only chief minister to govern from a wheelchair


It is an unforgivable irony of old age that Tamil Nadu’s ultimate communicator had to spend his last days in a cocoon of silence. Here was a leader who had infl­ue­nced the course of the state’s politics for over six decades and yet he sat a mute spectator as Tamil Nadu’s polity was plunged into a chaotic roller coaster ride. Even the shrewd scriptwriter in him would not have foreseen two superstars throwing their hats into the political ring, emboldened by his retirement and the demise of his famous rival.

Even as Muthuvel Karunanidhi borrowed one day after another from his hospital bed, his admirers and “udan pirappugal” (brothers and sisters) hoped for a...

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