05 August, 2021

Kapil Patil

A defiant editor takes on the mighty Sena by launching his daily Saanj Dinank

Kapil Patil
Was it pure politics that forced the closure of Aaj Dinank?
We were the first to carry an anti-Thackeray editorial following the Kini case. That annoyed Thackeray and he told Mukesh Patel to get me out of there. It was a question of closing the paper or compromising on our stand. We preferred the former.

Why did you have a pro-"mafia government" Mukesh Patel as Aaj Dinank's financier?
The financier Bhupesh Patel, who is Mukesh's brother, was more pro-Congress then. The leaning towards the Sena is a recent development.

The loss of a financier could prove costly for Saanj Dinank as well.
It is a challenge, yes. But it will make Saanj Dinank editorially stronger than Aaj Dinank.

You have been accused of trying to catch the tiger by his tail.
I am against the mafia Raj.

Would that make you anti-establishment or anti-Sena?
I am against the present government. That includes Balasaheb and Raj Thackeray.

Is it true that the Sena supremo saw red everytime Aaj Dinank did not see...

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