04 March, 2021

Kalyan's Cup Of Woes

Trouble for the chief minister comes from within the BJP, with charges of unaccountability

Kalyan's Cup Of Woes

TO exercise power judiciously after it has been achieved is one of the lessons in realpolitik that the BJP and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Kalyan Singh are learning fast. Less than a year after coming to power, the famed BJP discipline is in disarray. As if the BJP's troubles in Delhi were not enough, the ruling party has in-house problems in the country's most influential state which a couple of months ago sent 58 MPs to the Lok Sabha and forms the political backbone of the party. At the root of the problem is factionalism within the party, with OBC Kalyan ranged against the upper-caste Raj-nath Singh, Lalji Tandon and Kalraj Mishra.

Indeed, there is enough heat being generated in the state BJP, with charges flying thick and fast, ranging from financial irregularities to legislator dissatisfaction with Kalyan Singh. In a lengthy chain of events, a lady corporator, Kusum Rai, has become the latest stick being used by disgruntled party legislators to get at the chief minister, with allegations that they have a special relationship.


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