22 June, 2021

Kalanidhi Maran

The Sun TV CMD, on being chosen the world's best first-generation entrepreneur

Kalanidhi Maran
Did you expect Worldcom Group Inc, NY's title?
I was hopeful but not sure.

What does this award mean to you?
More than me, it means a lot to my team and my colleagues as it has come as a morale-booster.

From Poomalai video magazine to Sun TV beaming in four South Indian languages was a big leap. Why the slowdown now?
I prefer steady, incremental growth. I consolidate at every stage before expanding.

Are you a hands-on manager?
I believe in federalism. I determine the overall framework and then leave it to the professionals to run their respective operations. Barring Tamil, I do not even know the other languages in which we are running our channels.

The secret of your success...
That there's no secret formula for success in mass media. There's only one way to get the viewers' involvement and produce programmes to suit their needs.

What are your expansion plans?
I'll be launching a second Tamil channel followed by a second Telugu channel. And before the year-end, a Bengali...

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