23 January, 2021

Kabir Sen

Massachusetts-based son of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen on his career as a rap artist

Kabir Sen

Hip hop? What got you interested?
The exchange of ideas, fusion of sounds, lyrical details, rhythmic variety, vinyl records and the love of writing and ‘freestyling’ (lyrical improvisation) are some of the factors.

How did your latest album Peaceful Solutions come about?
As the album was starting to develop, I realised that many of the songs were consistent with three themes: re-channelling negative energy (both personally and globally); celebrating and appreciating life; self-discovery.

The underlying message of your music is...
Respect others, celebrate differences, explore the world, express opinions, challenge the norm, fight for freedom, be yourself.

What’s the youngest audience you have performed for?
I did a hip hop education workshop in New York City last year for 3rd graders.

What are you reading?
Strategies that Work by Stephanie Harvey.

Does being Amartya Sen’s son bring with it a burden of unrealistic expectations?
Not at all...if...



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