29 July, 2021

K, The Missing Gospel

A film that explores how Christ spent his 'lost years' in Kashmir

K, The Missing Gospel
Shot By Shot
  • A $20 million film, The Aquarius Gospel, will trace Christ's "lost years" between the ages of 14-30, on which the Bible is silent.
  • It will show he spent some of that time in Kashmir, was deeply influenced by Buddhist and Hindu teachings.
  • In 1887, Russian Nicolai Notovitch claimed to have seen documents describing Christ's years in India. A 1908 book by Levi Dowling claims he travelled to Persia, India and Tibet. Holger Kersten's Jesus Lived in India was a bestseller.
  • Kashmir historian Fida Hassnain says he examined ancient texts which say Christ came to Kashmir after surviving the Crucifixion, died there, and is buried in Rozabal Shrine in Srinagar.


"And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man."
—Luke 2:52

Among the nearly 8,00,000 words in the King James Bible, these fourteen words are all that describe the 17 years in the...

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