24 October, 2020

K In Filmdom

India talks to itself via Bollywood and Anupama Chopra is there with a sharp ear listening and reporting back. Paisa vasool.

K In Filmdom

As Shahrukh Khan says in his generous foreword, Anupama Chopra, like him, is an outsider who has become an insider. With this book, she takes us inside the filmi duniya of the last 20 years—roughly the period which began with Manmohan Singh’s liberalisation experiment. There were the Mafiosi financing films before then—the Dawoods and the Haji Mastans. Suddenly, it all changed— financing, cinema halls, stars. Bollywood became wholesome with multiplex audiences demanding clean, beautiful diaspora glamour where our boys and girls may strut about in jeans but marry in traditional saat phera fashion. Hence Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

Anupama Chopra begins with an evocative essay on the making of Sholay, just to remind us where things began to change in the Bombay film industry. Then, in some short and sharp articles written for magazines, she covers films, stars, trends, box-office economics, and the sociology of film-making and film watching. Along the way you see...



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