10 April, 2021

Just Lucidly Crazy

VeriFone CEO Hatim A. Tyabji has spearheaded the likely corporate work culture of the 21st century

Just Lucidly Crazy

HATIM A. TYABJI, 52, chairman and CEO of California-based transaction automation giant VeriFone, defies labels. Don’t call him a manager or an engineer. This workaholic has a description all his own: he once called himself "lucidly crazy".

"Probably, the lucidly crazy worka-holic characterisation is the most apt," guffaws Tyabji. But remind him of the radical work culture he has spawned across the globe, turning existing management theories on their head, and he turns serious. "I’m not a manager, I am a leader," he says without false modesty. For modesty, he has learnt, is a virtue that doesn’t behove the head of a company which has captured 65 per cent of the global and 75 per cent of the US transaction automation market.

Leader he certainly is. As also the chief architect of VeriFone’s dramatic change of fortune. From a loss-making concern in 1986 to one where profit is a way of life, year after year. From annual revenues of $31.2 million in 1986 to $472.5 million in 1996, with an...

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