17 May, 2021

Just Fill In The Blanks

An ear for dialogue, eye for detail, brisk characterisation can’t cover up for a lack of deeply-felt truth in Rowling

AFP (From Outlook 29 October 2012)
Just Fill In The Blanks

First, a necessary confession: I haven’t read any of the huge best-selling Harry Potter books. The closest I have come to them is seeing one of the Potter films. That, too, under compulsion. I had to take the 10-year-old daughter of a close friend to see it. She knew the plot by heart and kept telling me, between delighted squeals, who was who and what was going to happen. I couldn’t make head or tail of the succession of weird characters and creatures that floated in and out of the film. However, despite my reservations, what Rowling’s wonderful, nay unique, imagination had created struck a powerful chord in a certain age-group, not only among English-speaking readers and viewers, but worldwide.

She is clearly a phenomenon. Turned down by publisher after publisher (shows how many publishers are out of touch with the reading public), until one saw the light, or should I say, the lightning. Rowling has made, by far, more money from her books and the films based on her books, than any living writer. She is a multi-billionaire and still relatively young....

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