29 July, 2021

Just Bite, Don’t Chew

Reasoned, informed talk is out of place on the idiot box. TRPs set the agenda.

Just Bite, Don’t Chew

Long-distance travellers are more likely to turn on their internet today rather than open their newspapers. Such is the power of the electronic media that print is facing near-extinction in the developed world. It, however, survives in our country simply because our internet penetration is low—barely 6 per cent. Even so, TV scores over print. Let’s face it, left to themselves, humans choose instant gratification instantly. Tastes that require cultivation can always be put off till Monday next.

Ordinarily, this would not bother us much. Who cares for cultural snobs when there is so much fun and laughter in the low-brow stuff! Yet, when it comes to TV broadcasts, our critical faculties have to be standing sentinels. So much of our collective life depends on it.

The views of TV hosts occupies thoughtspace in our everyday life. Those aired on talk shows leave a lasting impression because they smack of intellectual activism. This makes it easy for intellectuals on idiot-box support. Given these truths,...

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