27 July, 2021

Judge, Jury And Executioner

How the government turned the cogs to stall Subramanium’s appointment

Judge, Jury And Executioner

Looking For Lily Whites

Intelligence Bureau

  • Cleared Subramanium in one report, cast aspersions on him in the next, to the law ministry
  • Wrote to the CBI with newspaper clippings demanding confirmation of a dispute


  • Advised the President to sign warrants without knowledge and concurrence of the CJI President
  • Agreed to segregation of names, signed warrants without confirming if the CJI was consulted


  • Cast unsubstantiated aspersions on Subramanium, quoting anonymous sources in the government


  • His emotional outburst painted him in a bit of poor light too


In the 64 years since 1950, only six lawyers have been invited to be Supreme Court judges, four have taken the bench so far. To see those figures in perspective, consider that, during the same period...

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