24 July, 2021

Jon P. Fine

Amazon’s director, author and publishing relations, on the joys and pitfalls of self-publishing

Jon P. Fine

What’s the fuss about self-publishing?

Internationally, we’re seeing a lot of bestsellers among self-published books. There’s Hugh Howey, Bella Andre, and the trend is picking up in India as well.

Are self-published books among top sellers on Amazon?

Of the top 100 bestsellers, close to 30 per cent are self-published. In India, about 20 e-books of the top 100 would be self-published.

What kind of people are self-publishing?

Lawyers, investment bankers, housewives, kids. People are writing books as business cards.

A lot more books out there, but what about quality control?

Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon’s self-publishing platform, has content review guidelines.

There has been the sense that if your book is self-published, you’re probably not good.

That snobbery is waning. Agents and publishers regard this as a means of discovering the next big author. Like 50 Shades of Grey’s E.L....

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