28 July, 2021

Joint Studies, Anyone?

An Indo-US economic plan can prove revolutionary, but it's not without irritants

R. Prasad
Joint Studies, Anyone?
  • India and the US think biotech is the only driver to usher in a second green revolution
  • Both eager to tap energy sources like hydrogen, gas hydrates
  • The US wants India to change its patent and IPR regime relating to software and pharma
  • Most legal changes the US wants will open up the sizable Indian market for their companies


It only seemed like a small gesture. After US president George Bush hinted during his 2006 visit to India that he would love to eat alphonsos at the White House, it led to a 'mango initiative' between the two nations. Fifteen months later, in May 2007, the US trade representative Susan Schwab admitted that the arrival of Indian mangoes to America after a gap of two decades "represents more than just a market opening for one product". She added that it "signals the determination of both India and the United States... to create significant new economic opportunities...."

She's right,...

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