14 May, 2021

Johnny Bravo, Hunter

Johnnybhai had an open soul. And there was never a sad moment.

Atul Loke
Johnny Bravo, Hunter
My association with Johnnybhai had been a long one. Probably that's the reason, now that he is no longer with us, it's difficult to put a finger on whether he was a sophisticated person, a good friend or an exquisite artiste. I feel he was one of those few people who had all three qualities. Johnnybhai's house always seemed like a hostel to me. At any time, there were 8-9 children present in his house. Besides them, his relatives and friends dropped in frequently. I never saw him get bothered by all this. He called every one of them by their name and they too got along with him, no formalities involved. His wife, Noor Begum, took really good care of Johnnybhai and the children.

He was fond of flying kites. Come kite-flying season and he would be on his terrace. Since my brother also liked to fly kites, he too would join in. Naushad saab was another person who enjoyed kite-flying. Whenever the strings of their kites met in the sky, it was a 'mini-war' of sorts. They had a lot of fun teasing each other. Gradually, I must admit that I also got hooked, but I had so little time...
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