23 September, 2020

Jim Clifton

The Gallup CEO, on India’s falling poll scores

Jim Clifton

Your poll results are bleak. Seventy per cent of Indians are struggling or suffering.

It is bleak; it could be very high expectations that are making this happen.

But why has Gallup said times are hard?

It’s about what you do in hard times. When we say something won’t work, we are always right. When we say it will, we’re usually right.

India is complicated. Change is hard.

You wouldn’t expect countries to make a big jump and I don’t know how much India can do. But a corporation can make a big leap even with small steps; it can set an example.

Things go wrong in firms. Whose head rolls?

The manager’s. If you have the wrong manager, you can’t fix it, whatever the problem.

In India, we blame the rank and file.

Really? That’s the first I’m hearing of it. Maybe that’s how they see it here; but it’s still always the manager’s fault.




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