11 April, 2021

Jill-In-The-Box: From Squaw To Honchess

The Blue blood, the "It" girl, the home maker, the page three diva, the boss ... the artist/writer ... the dehati politician.

Madhu Kapparath
Jill-In-The-Box: From Squaw To Honchess
The Blue Blood
She’s studied at the smartest schools in the world; weepingly-expensive establishments in Switzerland, or at Millfield in bucolic Somerset with raggedy piles of pot-smoking progeny of international rock stars. Too correct to have smoked a joint, she collects art and rides horses with a better lineage than her. Her home is a paean to aching good taste mirroring her genteel eccentricities; fine china with Vietnamese lacquer, icy-crystal with Chola bronzes. She’s a dexterous wife, mother and daughter-in-law. She is what the House of Dior and Prada live for. She follows mummy’s advice i.e. "Be sheep-like—warm, cuddly and easily led", and therefore, She Rules. Survival Rating, if she follows the rules: A+

The "It" Girl
Full of beans (and other narcotics), she’s the Girl of the Moment. Surrounded by a scream of groupies—lady boys, boy boys and regulation Ugly Friend—she rules the night for the winter season. To nurture and to be nurtured is her motto—that is why she is so beloved. An icon of fashion, her monthly...

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