25 February, 2021

Jhandewalan Can't Bully Us Into Silence

PhD scholars Umar and Anirban talk about their experience of JNU and why joining the dots is the key right now

Jhandewalan Can't Bully Us Into Silence

Having spent our undergraduate days in Delhi University, coming to JNU for post-graduate studies brought a sea-change to our lives. It appeared that an ocean of possibilities had opened up in terms of the ideas, concerns and issues one could deliberate, argue against or reckon with. In common parlance here in the campus, we refer to this phenomenon as “Isko JNU ho gaya hai!”

But what does this really mean? It means that we start asking questions, we start interrogating the “givens” that we grew up with in our society, in our own families. It’s a process of intense unlearning and learning afresh. Here in JNU what we are taught in classrooms in the day about, say, tribal history only got further nuanced by night in the public meetings on, say, adivasi land-grab by corporates. They both complement each other and there is certainly truth in the claim that in JNU we learn a lot more outside our classes. So, JNU teaches us to question, to be critical, to be socially sensitive to the issues of the oppressed and the under-­privileged, to break the...

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