26 September, 2020

'Jews Attacked The WTC'

A former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief and now head of the Tehrik-e-Jehad, Hamid Gul warns the US against venturing into the treacherous hole that is Kabul

'Jews Attacked The WTC'
Let me first put the record straight: the Jews have stabbed United States President George W. Bush in the back. I have no doubt that it is they who orchestrated the dastardly attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon buildings. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon masterminded the terrorist attacks of September 11 in order to push the Muslim world and the US into war. Earlier, former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had on record threatened to set Washington afire were it to persist in pursuing policies detrimental to his country.

Now that Washington seems to be pressing ahead with its plan of attacking Afghanistan, I would want to warn Bush that he might find himself sucked into a quagmire. The US has little experience of the country’s terrain. You can easily get inside Afghanistan. But you can’t get out of that country as easily. Afghans are Afghans, they can’t be cowed down. Had they not been so obstinate, so crude, so uncouth, they wouldn’t have defeated two superpowers in a span of 80 years. I just can’t understand why the US now wants to step...



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