23 September, 2020

Jessica Hines

Once linked to Aamir Khan, she is out with her first book, Bollywood, Bachchan and Me

Jessica Hines

So you first came to India at 22, drawn by Bollywood. Why the fascination? 

I actually came first at 18 for four months, to help as a social worker in Rajasthan. I returned at 22, after studying Bollywood at SOAS and studying clowning in Toronto. 

Clowning, hmm?

I know, it sounds wacky, but we spend our lives trying not to be laughed at, but there’s strength in humour, in the fool. The Fools are the ones who know more than the others. 

So you played Fool to the Big B? That’s tough considering he has the reputation of taking himself so seriously...

(laughs) He knows that anything he says will get splashed across the front pages, so he takes the press very seriously. He doesn’t want to be misinterpreted. I was the Fool, in the sense that I was able to see the industry as an outsider and I wasn’t afraid to laugh at it. He would often say, "What are you laughing at?" and when I told him, he couldn’t always understand why it was so funny. 

He stopped talking to you after your first...



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