05 August, 2021

Jesse Jackson

The US civil rights leader was in Delhi to deliver the Nehru Memorial lecture

Jesse Jackson
Is this voyage to India significant to you?

It is. We have a great sense of historical connection with India. Gandhi inspired Dr (Martin Luther) King and Mandela. He helped build a dynamic multicultural coalition in South Africa.

Is Gandhi’s heritage still relevant?

We all remember Dr King, Gandhi and Mandela fondly, but we do not hear their message. We’re still dealing with the extremes of prosperity and poverty.

But you see hope in countries like India?

The sheer size of this democracy is a hope for the world.

The outsourcing debate makes it seem there’s a conflict of interest between the working classes of the US and developing world.

Among all the things globalisation has done—it has globalised capital, technology, but it hasn’t globalised workers’ rights, so it is exploitative.

But where is the common ground?

The tendency is to play one working class against another, when they should be joining together to fight for universal healthcare and eliminating poverty. ...

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